Culture Really Matters - Here's an Example.

Culture Really Matters - Here's an Example.


Here at GMI, we have always been proud of our culture. We know a positive culture leads to a healthier environment, longer tenures and more satisfied customers. It's good to see evidence of it, especially when it's unsolicited.

While there are measurable KPIs that indicate a culture's health, it is always validating to get an objective opinion. Sometimes that comes in the form of an outside consultant, but it's much nicer when it is an organic process.

This post on LinkedIn was authored by one of GMI's most recent hires, Frank Pizzitola. Frank is a technical guy - an engineer that helps facilitate communication between the Sales team and the customer. Frank started in early 2020 - just as the pandemic was coming into play and creating a whole new normal. 

Read about his experience on LinkedIn.

We look forward to having Frank as a long-term member of our team!

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