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Manufacturing What Matters.

Outsourcing the manufacturing of high-mix, low-volume builds is a challenge for OEMs, especially those servicing specialized and heavily regulated industries. At GMI Solutions, we embrace complexity. Whether it’s a large BOM, complex assembly process, intensive testing or challenging logistics, our team can help.

In the nearly 40 years we’ve been doing contract manufacturing for OEMs, we’ve developed a series of tools and processes that have proven to be the best methodology for building application-specific solutions:

  • A system of processes and inspection points to ensure internal procedures adhere to work instructions and each step is controlled – right through production release.
  • A global automated database that tracks assembly steps, inspections and tests performed throughout the manufacturing process, produces and perpetually updates electronic documentation, and archives records.
  • Manufacture of products ranging from subassemblies to complete turnkey assemblies in an ISO 13485-controlled environment that includes a Class 10,000 clean room for sensitive assemblies.
  • Expertise in mechanical design, embedded computers, power, and cooling to enhance existing OEM resources and achieve faster time to market.
  • Flexibility for the OEM to choose to work with their preexisting suppliers, GMI Solutions’ supply chain, or a combination of both.

GMI Solutions also provides synergistic services that extend beyond assembly to help OEMs develop better ways of manufacturing components, testing assemblies, and handling logistics, including:

With robust, proven tools and expertise at every step, GMI Solutions guarantees the consistency of outbound products – all of which are tested to ensure they comply wholly with specific OEM requirements. It’s a non-negotiable final step we take because we’re committed to quality, take the trust OEMs place in us seriously, and truly believe in manufacturing what matters.

pdf-icon See a few examples of the types of products we manufacture for OEMs here.

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