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Metal Fabrication Brochure

We offer low-to-medium volume, high-mix sheet metal and lead fabrication services in Asia.

inspecting metalwork in metfab

OEMs depend on GMI Solutions to provide value, particularly when it comes to low-volume, high-mix production of custom metal parts.

By vertically integrating a premier China-based metal fabricator into the process at our CCC certified Shanghai facility, our team can fabricate metal parts that number from a few dozen to a few thousand per year, all while controlling quality, consistency, precision production, and cost.

Through our global approach and focus on meeting the low-volume, high-mix needs of our customers, OEMs have the flexibility to work with our comprehensive technical team in North America and leverage the benefits of Asian manufacturing. Plus, working with GMI Solutions, OEMs have access to kitting, assembly, testing, and logistics services in both North America and China.

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