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Onshoring? Reshoring? Offshoring? We can help.

Whether an OEM wants to move a product offshore, bring a product back to North America, or manufacture in multiple locations globally, we have the global product migration solution:

  • CCC Certified manufacturing facilities in China and North America for seamless transitions and simultaneous production, if desirable.
  • Capabilities and certifications required to manufacture products in Asia for consumption in North America, and in China.
  • Capabilities and certifications required to transfer product manufacturing to Asia to enter the hyper-growth Chinese marketplace, or reshoring products in the United States for localized manufacturing and process control.

Not every product is a candidate for offshoring, reshoring, or onshoring, but if the Total Cost of Ownership calculations are made correctly, OEMs are often surprised to see the amount of potential discrete savings.

Here are a few scenarios that may indicate to OEMs that it makes sense to consider some type of transition:

  • Products are being manufactured in China for the North American or global markets, and production in North America is being considered.
  • Products are distributed globally, and dual production in North America and China is being considered.
  • The benefits of product design in North America product and manufacturing in China are advantageous to production and profitability.
  • Products are designed and manufactured in China, and transitioning production to North America opens up the North American market.

To review the advantages of reshoring as we see them, take a look at our article "11 Advantages of Reshoring Manufacturing to the U.S.A.

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