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We can produce CCC marked products in the United States or China.

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The China Compulsory Certificate mark, commonly known as a CCC Mark, is a required safety mark for many products imported, sold or used in the Chinese market. Discerning whether products require CCC safety marks to be sold in or imported to China can be confusing, and OEMs often struggle with how to get CCC certification or finding a contract manufacturer that is CCC-certified.

GMI Solutions is well-versed in CCC, and we engineer production with sensitivity to the requirements. We can produce CCC marked products in the United States and China. This allows our OEM partners to manage a single CCC-certified SKU globally, rather than having to support two unique products.

Our OEM customers with global manufacturing needs find our deep CCC knowledge particularly advantageous since we offer:

  • A wholly USA-owned full manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China (see sample CCC certificate).
  • Direct relationships and product escorting arrangements with the testing facilities.
  • Fluency in English- and Mandarin-based technical writing.
  • Prototyping and First Article release in USA with manufacturing in China.
  • Complete depot service capabilities and FRU management, including CCC requirements.
  • Supervision of certification files/updates, and additional certification requirements (including China RoHS and safety certifications).
  • Management of product variances for global export to accommodate different certifications (for example UL versus CCC).

Products on which we can help OEMs with CCC:

  • Electro-mechanical systems and subsystems.
  • Embedded computer solutions.
  • Power products from large, 2-ton 480V medical cabinets to internal switching power supplies.
  • Capital equipment electronic sub-assemblies.
  • Mission-critical hardware that requires strict control and high quality.

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