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DfM is in our DNA.

Sometimes, it can be as easy as changing the order of assembly. Other times, it might involve design engineering to reduce part count and increase MTBF at the individual component level. Whatever the need and wherever it falls in the manufacturing process, we can help.

Design for Manufacturability (DfM) is our guiding principle and something we practice daily, since identifying and resolving potential missteps as early as possible is the most effective and usually the least expensive option — saving our customers time, money, and headaches.

We offer a variety of services to accommodate DfM activities, including:

  • Build process efficiency review.
  • Part count reduction.
  • Component redesign/consolidation.
  • Global sourcing logistics for economics combined with dependable quality.
  • Extensive system-level testing capabilities.
  • Repair services with true restoration to manufacturing specifications.
  • Fair market cost with extreme quality and reliability.
  • Regulatory compliance for any industry.
  • Technical resources at every stage of product transfer.

We're here to answer any questions related to your product requirements. 

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