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Carts and Cabinets

Global capital equipment manufacturers trust GMI Solutions with their most critical and complex assemblies. We have decades of experience with assembly, integration and testing of these critical systems. Working with GMI results in higher quality products at lower costs and improved total cost of ownership. We achieve this by utilizing our teams' skill with DfM and manufacturing excellence

We produce these application-critical assemblies for customers across many industries including medical, industrial, robotics/automation and many more. GMI has earned the trust of these OEMs by delivering stellar quality and consistency year after year.

Mobile Cart Solutions

Electro-mechanical assemblies and integration services that GMI provides allows our customers to focus on their core competency whether it be disposables, equipment on the cart or even the software and technology utilizing the equipment. GMI assembles and tests cart for many applications including FDA regulated medical carts, industrial carts, medical surgical carts and even autonomous robotic carts. Each application varies in use and complexity but all share the same requirement. They need the highest quality and repeatable manufacturing practices. 


GMI supplies cart solutions to some of the world's best know brands.

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Complete Electromechanical Cabinets and Control Systems

  • Mission critical power cabinets
  • High voltage systems 
  • Medical imaging systems
  • Industrial control systems
  • Low volume complex assemblies

GMI offers OEMs a true single-source solution with guaranteed quality, while keeping you up to date on the latest technologies that could benefit your products.

Panel Assembly and Test

Point-to-point wiring and panel assembly as a standalone or as a subassembly to a higher level build is a core capability for GMI. We offer OEMs the convenience of a single SKU for global support, including CCC certification as well as dual manufacturing through our China and USA facilities

GMI's exclusive focus on assembly, integration and testing allows us to allocate our engineering expertise to improve the manufacturing process including creating test fixtures to simplify point-to-point continuity testing and signal verification. 

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_DSC1135 cabinet under test 240 480 volt arcflash suit

High Voltage Testing Capabilities and Application-Level Testing

  • 240/480V testing accommodations
  • Highest regard for Electrical safety and equipment
  • Real-world simulation for application level testing
  • Embedded system testing process and tool set
  • Revision controlled testing and troubleshooting
  • Complete record keeping for each unique unit

We offer a full breadth of services for delivery of tested, turnkey carts and cabinet solutions:

  • Assembly services specifically developed for application-critical mobility and cabinets products
  • Electromechanical expertise for true single source and supply chain ownership
  • Managed DfM activities to enhance quality, efficiency and cost
  • Multi-level BOM management for flexibility and efficiency
  • Component level revision and quality control
  • System level lifecycle management
  • Full device history records for FDA-compliant record keeping
  • Revision controlled software imaging for embedded systems
  • CCC Certified assemblies and electromechanical systems
  • All units 100% tested at a system level
  • Depot repair programs, extended warranty programs available
  • Reverse engineering services for legacy product support/redesign
  • Custom packaging including sustainable, reusable and recyclable options
  • Full logistic services support
  • ISO 13485 certified facilities globally 

GMI Solutions helps assemble, integrate and test products for longevity and quality. Some of the worlds' top brands trust GMI Solutions global facilities to manage their outsourced assembly and test of extremely complex mobile and fixed products. Let's discuss what we can do for you!

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