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GMI Continues "Manufacturing What Matters" During COVID-19 Outbreak

GMI Continues


As a manufacturer of a variety of medical devices, GMI is committed to continuing to serve our healthcare OEM customers during this outbreak. We know that these companies always rely on GMI for a timely supply of these high-quality products – and this situation has certainly highlighted the criticality of the things we make every day.

While we navigate these uncertain times, our first concern is, of course, the health of our associates, their families and at a larger level the public. We are taking internal precautions to help avoid our most critical associates from contracting COVID-19 so we can continue to produce the needed assemblies to help keep the essential supply of medical equipment flowing.

Our tag line, “Manufacturing What Matters” could not be more meaningful than it is right now. We take our role very seriously and understand the significance of what we do.

As an important partner in producing healthcare equipment, we will continue to do everything in our power to keep manufacturing these critical assemblies through this pandemic, and we look forward to returning to normalcy.

The GMI Solutions Team

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