Meet Patrick Froh, Director of Business Development

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I’m Patrick Froh the Director of Business Development. I’ve been with GMI since 2010. I started out in the outside sales world and grew up into the director of the business development side. Everything that we handle is all the new projects and come into the GMI portfolio.

“Manufacturing What Matters” means to me that we’re building things that make an impact on the world. Everything that we do is mission critical, application critical, patient critical across all the industries that we work with it’s… it has to work every single time.

The reason I’m in this is because we are building things that are really cool, they’re cutting edge and then as our customers get to work with us… they tend to love us… and that is a very rewarding feeling.

We have a lot of people here that have been with the company for more than 10 years. We do work hard and play hard, but it is something is… it’s a family business. It’s a family company.  OEMs like to work with GMI because of our Midwest work ethic, our honesty, and in the high-quality that we put into every product when we manufacture.

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