Meet Kyle Doyle, Business Development Manager

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Hi, my name is Kyle Doyle and I am a business development manager. I’ve been with GMI since the year 2018 and I am responsible for new business, establishing new customers and bringing them into GMI.

The culture at GMI is very reminiscent of a team. You know, a lot of organizations talk about teamwork but you truly feel that GMI. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in the executive offices or walking the floor, our goals are echoed throughout the organization. No matter who you talk to they understand our focus on quality and what we’re doing to achieve the highest quality product coming out of our doors.

Manufacturing what matters means to me that everything we are producing within these doors has a direct impact on people around the world. We are working on a daily basis with some of the most successful OEMs in the world, and there’s not one single product on our floor that you can’t draw direct line to how it is making peoples’ lives better.

OEMs like working with GMI for a number of reasons. One that always sticks out to me is our flexibility. GMI is a very nimble organization and we work with a lot of large OEMs. We are able to fill in those gaps and help those OEMs get to market quicker, and even in some situations were seeing millions of dollars in savings to those OEMs.

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