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My name is April Ringmeier. I am a Program Manager at GMI, and I basically take our customers product and I help push it from a new business development product to a production product. I started in in 2004 and I started as an Account Manager, and I since then evolved into a Program Manager position.

So we basically take their requirements and we analyze them. We make sure that all of those requirements are covered within our system and in our process. I would say that the culture here from a customer perspective is very customer focused. OEMs like working with GMI because we are basically an extension of their business.

And what I envision, being an OEM partner, is what would I want for my business? That would be what I would want for my customer. So I'm proud of the people I work with, the level of attention that my fellow employees apply to what they do.

It's just it's amazing. We learn what is the most important thing is for our customers, and then we adapt our business around those needs of our customer. It's just amazing to see the outcome, because collectively then as a company, we come away at the end providing a wonderful product for the customer.

And everyone is always just beaming at the end because of all the hard work that everyone applied to it. And they can see the great outcome at the end.

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