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Granite MEDSystems is now GMI Solutions

Because quality matters to OEMs in every industry.

First, we want to let our existing customers know that the extreme service and support they have come to expect from Granite MEDSystems is not changing. We’re the same company, the same ownership and, most importantly, the same associates.  We’ll also continue to carry the ISO 13485 certification, both in requirement and spirit.

We’re finding that OEMs in a variety of industries value the critical quality and consistency Granite MEDSystems has offered healthcare OEMs. In these days of questionable quality and unsustainable life cycle requirements, GMI Solutions will expand our great services into additional capital equipment markets. Our mission statement, which you will see on most new materials, is: “Manufacturing What Matters“. Truth is, we love making products that improve outcomes and save lives. We’ve set up our entire global organization to do just that, and certainly OEMs in every industry have some common problems.

Though a bulk of our business over the last decade has been related to the healthcare industry, we’ve been developing relationships and doing good things for non-medical companies, too. These OEMs also value the quality and consistency that an ISO 13485 company has to offer.

We have also been working on several strategic initiatives and partnerships. Some of these technologies (heat staking processes, for example) are cutting edge technologies with benefits that can be leveraged by any OEM in any industry. We’ve been producing parts globally for a host of OEMs in a variety of industries, and they are excited about the direct benefits of time and direct cost savings during the design and production cycles.

We hope you’re as excited about the future as we are, and we promise to continue the same great service you’ve come to expect.

New day. New name. Same solid manufacturing and DFM services for OEMs globally. GMI Solutions.