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Manufacturing What Matters

GMI doesn't make just any product.
We focus on products that are application critical.

GMI offers outsourced assembly, integration and application level test services to OEMs globally.

When OEMs in highly regulated industries need an assembly or integration partner to optimize production of low-to-medium-volume, high-mix equipment and devices, they outsource to GMI Solutions.

We’ve spent decades developing a team of manufacturing, engineering, and Design for Manufacturability (DfM) experts that is knowledgeable, nimble, and responsive to the unique needs of OEMs in healthcare & life sciences, oncology, automation & controls, test & measurement, and other specialty markets. We lean into even the toughest electro-mechanical assembly or embedded computing challenges and arrive at solutions that save time, money, or both.

GMI Solutions believes in manufacturing what matters, and is committed to helping our OEM customers build — and build on — successes. Learn more about us to discover why your brand should be among those that are already our partners.



GMI's History


Company founded as Softworks Development, Inc. Develops software for end user market and provided software education.

Softworks Development, Inc. pursues distribution of PC components to help fund business to business software development.

Softworks Development, Inc. launches CITUS line of PCs with the intent of making CITUS a business-to-business name brand. Entered Software Education market through Softworks University.

Companies first appearance on Inc. 500 as #11 fastest growing US Company.

Company built and moves into a new location, where the global headquarters remain today. Company also appears a second time on Inc. 500 list as #29 fastest growing US Company.

Softworks University is founded to teach a variety of courses on the use of computers and various software.

Acquisition of Microlinear Controls adds board-level computer design capabilities to the disciplines offered at Softworks Development Corporation.

Initial engagement with global top-10 medical company results in product development and manufacturing for medical equipment.

Company uses outside investments to help accelerate growth.

Company changes its name from Softworks Development, Inc. to Granite Microsystems, Inc.to reflect technology emphasis.

To validate the processes used and manufacturing controls, company receives ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Company works with 4 of the top 10 global healthcare OEMs and continues to support those relationships today.

Engineering department expanded significantly; many new disciplines added to support OEM assembly and test services.

Granite Microsystems Asia manufacturing facility fully operational In Shanghai, China.

To better engage Continuous Improvement, company adopts QRM internally.

To substantiate the level of commitment to the healthcare industry, company is certified to ISO 13485 for Medical Devices.

Headquarter building size is doubled to accommodate continued GMI growth.

GMI Shanghai, China operations moved to new, large facility with first floor access to accommodate larger, more complex assemblies.

GMI founds a Joint Venture in Shanghai, China for high-mix, low-volume high quality metal fabrication services for GMI China’s OEM customers. MetFab continues to offer full metal fabrication services.

Class 10,000 Clean Room added to GMI North American facility to accommodate assembly and test of sensitive medical equipment.

Added 480V feed to facility for validation of high-power medical equipment final testing.

GMI receives CCC certification in Shanghai, China facility to accommodate OEM hardware sales in China for Chinese-based customers.

GMI receives CCC certification at United States headquarters to allow for manufacturing of CCC marked products for sale globally, including Chinese marketplace.

GMI starts manufacturing an exoskeleton suit - adding to its FDA regulated products that really make a difference in people's lives!

A few of the global OEM brands that trust GMI with assembly and test of their products:
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