GMI offers outsourced assembly and test services to OEMs globally.

When OEMs in highly regulated industries need an assembly and test partner to optimize production of low-to-medium-volume, high-mix equipment and devices, they outsource to GMI Solutions.

We’ve spent decades developing a team of manufacturing, engineering, and Design for Manufacturability (DfM) experts that is knowledgeable, nimble, and responsive to the unique needs of OEMs in healthcare & life sciences, oncology, automation & controls, test & measurement, and other specialty markets. We lean into even the toughest electro-mechanical assembly or embedded computing challenges and arrive at solutions that save time, money, or both.

GMI Solutions believes in manufacturing what matters, and is committed to helping our OEM customers build — and build on — successes. Learn more about us to discover why your brand should be among those that are already our partners.




OEMs Guide to Selecting Contract Manufacturers

Free Guide: OEM's Guide to Selecting Contract Manufacturers

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