Meet Macy Jenkins, Business Development Representative

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My name is Macy Jenkins. I am a business development representative for GMI Solutions. I work directly with sales and marketing, being the point of contact for our customers, new and recurring.

I started working at GMI in 2021. Prior to this, I was an inside sales representative for an automated engineering distributor. I came to GMI because I saw a lot of opportunity for growth here. I also felt like I fit in right away. I also feel like GMI supports me in my goals, and they give me confidence that the goals that I set for myself are achievable. And I felt that I will be taken seriously here and that there's a lot of opportunity for me to move around within the company.

'Manufacturing What Matters' to me means that we really do care what we bring in-house here, because everything that comes in here does matter. It could be helping read a tumor in someone's heart. It could be as simple as assembling a keyboard. But that has to work and it has to work correctly in the field because it cannot fail.

I think OEMs like working with us because they're super personable. We understand and we listen. The relationships we form of them
 are strong and true and real. And I think they really see that it's a relationship on both sides.

Reach out to Macy to learn more about how GMI can help you manage your product's assembly and test requirements.

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