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My name is Frank Pizzitola. I'm a sales engineer with GMI. My role is the engineering side of the sales side of the business.

I think having engineers on the front end allows for immediate access to any technical aspects, allows the engineers to provide support to the sales team. And in answering those technical questions of the customer, that typically doesn't happen until way later in the project.

Manufacturing what matters means to me that we actually manufacture things that matter to people. It seems silly, but we don't just do things that have a small impact in everyday life. We have things that have massive impacts in everyday life. I think OEMs like GMI because of the expertise that we bring to the table and the unique vision that a lot of the people who work here have.

One of my favorite projects that we're working on right now involves a particular type of exoskeleton that allows the patient that wears it to to walk, to move, to to help lift things. It serves a lot of purposes, but it's just something really neat. And technology that you think a couple of years ago was just in those, in those those fancy Terminator movies. It's something that you can put on that directly better someone's life that that we get to build and have a part in.

GMI cares about these projects and these products, and not just the company. I mean, the people here that make the company.I think that we have a lot of expertise and professionalism in the business, knowing what we're doing is so important.

I think it's really attractive for our OEMs to to know that they can rely on us to take care of their needs and their projects.

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