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My name is Bernd Bruhnke. I've been at GMI since 2017. I'm a senior sales engineer and my main responsibilities are technical liaison between the customer and GMI.

There's a significant benefit of having technical representation at the early phases of a program inception here at GMI.

The products that we manufacture for our customers are very technical in nature. OEMs really appreciate outsourcing the GMI with confidence, particularly attention to detail and significant amount of communication that we have with our customers.

Historically, GMI has provided our customers with exceptional products and services that meet or exceed their needs. Communication allows for GMI to have very good chemistry with our customers by being very transparent in our communication, allows for us to go through the prototyping phase and address all the problems and issues that we might realize. So that when we go into production, we're going to have a fabulous product.

One of our customers, who's a multi-billion dollar corporation, who focuses on the life sciences, had asked us to come in and help them out with some contract manufacturing. At the time that we became involved in the program, the customers is just wrapping up on a final design and also wanted to realize cost savings, reducing the number of part numbers that they're purchasing from over three hundred to six SKUs. They wanted to save floor space and they wanted to save labor costs. At the end of the day, GMI delivered and allowed for the customer to meet their cost savings goals.

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