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Project Description

The current system that this global Medical OEM used in their application faced several issues; it was very large, very expensive, and components were going obsolete. A replacement needed to be designed, and they came to GMI Solutions to get assistance with a complete, turnkey redesign.

GMI Solutions joined with the customer’s design team to develop a perfect fit solution that reduced cost by almost 75% and required no changes to the software installation. By using an SBC (Single Board Computer), GMI Solutions was able to develop a solution that had incredible longevity built in. By using this unique architecture, the customer could certify and approve multiple SBC and CPU options. That way, if a component did go end-of-life, the other option could be immediately used to keep product flowing. Simple, yet revolutionary.

For any OEM, a system level redesign is expensive. The certification and qualification processes are not easy, fast, nor economical. The replacement system had to be form fit and function compatible with the existing unit with no software messages and needed to be available for an extended period.

The OEM customer wanted a ‘computer that doesn’t look like a computer’ for this application. GMI Solutions worked closely with their Industrial Design division to create a system that matched their look and feel, and looks like an integrated piece of hardware – not a computer.

Project Details

Skills Needed: